SEA GEM LOG:A Visit From the Younger Set - Bequia, St.Vincent, Mustique and St. Lucia February 16-24, 2002

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Our Godson, Morgan Bentley, Charlie's partner Dean Cannon, and his wife Ellen,
flew down to sail with us for a week. It was fun having them on the boat, especially since Dean and Ellen were celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Morgan's wife could not come and we missed her.

We swam, we fished, we sailed and we laughed. Morgan and Dean were college roommates and having them together was at times like have two stand-up comics keeping the repartee flowing. Ellen is no slacker when it comes to lively talk and she kept us regaled with stories also.

Bequia is one of the most charming harbors in the Caribbean and the people on Bequia work to keep it clean and convenient. The local boatman, Nappy, was there for us when we needed a taxi, when we needed information and on our return from our sail to Mustique, a mooring close to the beach. Mustique is the exclusive island of rock stars and royalty.

In Bequia the local laundry will pick up from your boat, do your laundry, and return it for a reasonable price. The restaurants are numerous and we returned to the one we had visited about twenty years ago, the Frangipanni, and found it was still very good. If anything, Bequia has improved over the years.

We found Rodney, a boy we met twenty years ago, now a man. Life has not been kind to Rodney for drugs seem to have derailed his life. Whether you are in Bequia or Atlanta, the results are the same sad outcome. He was glad to see us and remembered us from so long ago. He was such a bright kid, we had high hopes for him and were sad to see things had not turned out well.

We toured Bequia and we toured St. Vincent. On St. Vincent we had a driver/philosopher that kept us on the edge of our seats with his hair raising driving. We think the driving definitely went downhill after we had taken a walk and he had a chance to indulge in some of the local "relaxation therapy." We were thankful to get out of the van unscathed and will long remember his statements, followed usually by, "Don't ever doubt it." The thread of life is fragile, especially riding in taxis in far off places.

We visited the whaling museum and the turtle sanctuary. We looked at markets and local artists' wares. We did the tourist things for we are tourists. We sailed to St. Lucia to bid our young friends goodbye for their early morning flight back to the world of reality.
( We enjoyed their visit and hope the memories they carried home will be good ones.