SEA GEM LOG:February 25 - 28, 2002 - Martinique

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We anchored in Marin Bay and launched our dingy.

During our short time in Martinique had a spare starter motor for the Yanmar reconditioned because our spare parts locker had salt water damage. We had to empty the locker and clean all the plastic zip lock bags, and any parts not in plastic had to be cleaned sorted and again stored for future use. A port hole not tightly dogged down can ship a lot of salt water in heavy seas. Charlie has carried so many spare parts and so much "back up" equipment we have been able to fix almost everything while on the trip.

Charlie captured this picture of the full moon over Sea Gem on Marin Bay.

While in Martinique, I had a haircut. The woman, a native of Martinique, did not speak any English, her head was almost shaved and I didn't get my point across when I tried to tell her, "Not too short."Hair grows, and short hair really saves on fresh water in the shower.
Things such as haircuts are always an adventure in foreign countries. If you are not going to relax and go with the flow, you need to look for another life style. I feel distressed with Americans who do not present a good image to those in the countries they are visiting. Manners are the smooth veneer, the core principal is to respect the dignity of each human being.

We didn't spend very much time in Martinique. We did some shopping for fresh vegetables, fruits and bread. When you are on a French island you know there will always be good bread.

We are off to Dominica to meet Malcolm and Jane. The scenery of the coast changes from moment to moment with the cloud formations playing hide and seek with the volcanic mountains. We are always mindful of navigation hazzards such as this very impressive rock. Until later. . .