SEA GEM LOG:March 7 - 11, 2002 Guadeloupe and Iles de Saintes

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Our friends Carmen Dominguez and Jim Cooper joined us for some sailing, relaxation and gourmet dining. Carmen is a world class cook and even brought her own ingredients with her on the trip. Besides having the treat of Carmen cooking we also ate in some fine restaurants on Iles de Saints and Guadeloupe. I believe one of the finest restaurants I have ever experienced is on the island of Guadeloupe, The Palms, French of course.

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Carmen and Jim were a pleasure to have aboard. Jim really wanted to lay back and unwind. They enjoyed swimming, shopping, and the casual easy living in the
French Caribbean.

Iles de Saintes is a beautiful spot in the world with their own version of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The harbor is small, picturesque and filled with sailboats and small cruise ships.

Guadeloupe is a another beautiful island with traditional French ambiance. The bay in the center of town is surrounded by old typically French Colonial buildings. 
The airport is good and it was a good place for Jim and Carmen to fly in and out of and also a good place for Jane and Malcolm to depart after sailing with us from Dominica.