SEA GEM LOG:October 21, 2002. Thanks from the Captain

To circumnavigate the world in a sailboat has been a lifelong dream. I want to express my thanks to the many people who helped make this dream a reality. My wife, Saundra, joins me in thanking everyone, however my biggest thanks goes to her, my First Mate and my Partner for almost 47 years for persevering over these last three years. My Partners at my law firm, Gray Harris & Robinson, PA, have been very supportive and, although I've been back in the office a total of thirteen months during this three year sailing odyssey, Tom Cloud, Fred Leonhardt, Stumpy Harris, Kent Hipp and other partners have not missed a beat servicing clients and filling in for me during my absence. I would like to give a special thanks to Phil Finch, Paul Quinn, Jay Brennan for their help and Bill Boyles, who handled my personal real estate transactions and acted as my attorney-in-fact. My secretary, Dianne, has maintained all shore side obligations and has been our constant link not only with clients but coordinating visiting crew, getting mail and ordering spare parts.

To prepare Sea Gem for this voyage I must thank Jim & Jo Alton of Alton Enterprises, Titusville, Fl., for their excellent and very professional work customizing and in a manner of speaking, bullet proofing Sea Gem. We could not have gone without their expert work. Frank Monachello and Mark of Marine Pro did all of the engine work installing a new Racor fuel filter system and an automatic oil changing system that made it easy. Jim Mazza of Mazza Marine reworked the electrical system to allow us to use the European 220 volt- 50 cycle electric current (U.S. is 120 volt- 60 cycle-far less efficient! Why must we be different?) and installed two separate and independent refrigeration systems, a 12 volt and a mechanical system running off the engine, and built a new refrigerator that keeps food better than the one at home. My old school buddy, Bill Pease, did all my electronics including a great "real time" satellite weather picture system. He has now retired and takes his 46 foot Hatteras to the Keys for the season each year but has always been available to consult. Mary at M&M Systems in Melbourne has helped us with our marine computer work. Gary Herman and the folks at Worth International Enterprises have been in charge of our website and have done a great job.

A special thanks goes to our family who have not only tolerated our absence but also encouraged this great adventure. Our daughter, Terese Vincent, managed some rental properties we have in DeBary, and she and our son-in-law, Tommy carried us and baggage to and from the airport; our son, John, also worked airport duty and managed our properties generating a couple of great land sales; my brother-in-law, Jerome Hagood sent spare parts; my brother-in-law and my nephew, Tommy and Michael Hagood serviced our two Mercury outboards souping up the 6 horse to 9hp, and refinished cockpit lights and throttle controls; our daughter-in-law, Stacey, had our third granddaughter, Savannah, during our absence and is going to have our first grandson this July; she and our other granddaughters, Caroline and Kristen sent us pictures and cards; and our son, Lee, keeps us informed of his activities in the northwest U.S.

Thanks to everyone mentioned and unmentioned in our web site logs who helped us in this great adventure circumnavigating this world of ours.

J. Charles "Charlie" Gray
Captain, S/Y Sea Gem