Passage South - 2011

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Passage South - 2011

SEA GEM LOG - 2011: Monday, April 11 - Introduction from the First Mate

Charlie says “The hardest part of any sailing trip is leaving the dock.”
Charlie finally got a break from work when High Speed Rail died, so it’s time to be off for another adventure, (even though he carries the office with him).

After a final farewell to the family at Caroline’s 17th birthday on Sunday, April 10th; we left next morning assisted by our stalwart neighbor, and fellow sailor, Cheryl, who drove us to Titusville for departure.

We actually took our dock lines on board Tuesday, April 12th, and left the Titusville Municipal Marina at 0900. Titusville is a lovely spot and has constantly been improved and upgraded by the city and the marina staff.










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