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Main map
1)Ft. Lauderdale to Jamaica
2)Jamaica to Panama
3)Panama to Galapagos
4)Galapagos to Marquesas
5)Marquesas to Tuamotus, Tahiti & Tonga
6)Tonga to Fiji, Vanuatu & Australia
7)Australia Torres Straits, Darwin & Bali
8)Bali to Singapore,Malaisa &Thailand
9)Phuket to Sri Lanka & Maldives
10)Maldives to Djibouti
11)Red Sea , Suez to Crete
12)Crete & Greek Islands
13)Crete to Santorini
14)Crete to Karpathos
15)To Nisyros, Astipalaia & Anafi
16)Anafi to Santorini
17)Santorini to Milos
18)Milos to Kythnos
19)Kythnos to Mykonos
20)Mykonos to Patmos
21)Patmos to Kos
22)Kos to Turkey
23)Vanauatu to Suez
24)Greek Islands
25)Coast of Turkey & Cypress
26)Turkey to Cypress and Greece
27)Greece to Syracuse, Sicily
28)Corfu Greece, Sicily and Sardinia
29)Sicily to Sardinia
30)Sardinia to Gibraltar
31)Turkey to Gibraltar
32)Gib. to Canaries to Barbados
33)Barbados to Grenada to St. Lucia
34)St. Lucia to Martinique to Dominica to Guadeloupe
35)Guadeloupe to St. Kitts
36)Nevis to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
37)Puerto Rico past Dominican Republic
38)DR past Turke & Caicos, Rum Cay
39)Past San Salvador, Eleuthera
40)To Marsh Harbor & Man O War Cay
41)Man O War Cay past Guana Cay
42)to Green Turtle & Manjak Cay
43)Manjak Cay to Moraine Passage
44)Moraine cay to Walker's Cay
45)Walker's to Cape Canaveral, Titusville


The Grays

Charles and Saundra have spent most of 1998 preparing Sea Gem for the Millennium Odyssey. The Grays and Sea Gem are now ready for this long anticipated voyage.

To celebrate the coming of the new millennium, participants in World Cruising's fourth round the world rally, starting in the summer of 1998, will carry a message of peace and goodwill to all corners of the globe.

Each yacht will carry on board a light taken from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  The light will be passed on to yachts starting from other points and, on completion of the circumnavigation, the light will be delivered to Rome on Easter Sunday in April 2000.  Local communities in all the countries to be visited will join in this worldwide project as sailors in the rally will hand over the light to local churches during special ceremonies held in every port of call.

Another group of yachts will start the rally on the zero meridian at Greenwich in London, the projected site of the most spectacular millennium festivities.  The two groups will meet in the Canary Islands, from where there will be a choice of a cold or a warm water route around the world, the former around Cape Horn, the latter through the Panama Canal.  A choice of routes will be available in every one of the three oceans and participants will be able to sail whichever route they prefer.  Thus, in the Pacific Ocean, the majority will probably follow the traditional route through the South Seas and Torres Strait, while for the first time in a round the world rally the alternative will include countries on the Far East.  In the Indian Ocean the choice will be between the classic clipper route around the Cape of Good Hope and the northern route via South East Asia to the Red Sea, Mediterranean and the symbolic finish in Rome.