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SEA GEM LOG: A Visit From the Younger Set - Bequia, St.Vincent, Mustique and St. Lucia February 16-24, 2002

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Our Godson, Morgan Bentley, Charlie's partner Dean Cannon, and his wife Ellen,
flew down to sail with us for a week. It was fun having them on the boat, especially since Dean and Ellen were celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Morgan's wife could not come and we missed her. .

SEA GEM LOG: February 25-28, 2002 - Martinique

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We anchored in Marin Bay and launched our dingy.

During our short time in Martinique had a spare starter motor for the Yanmar reconditioned because our spare parts locker had salt water damage. We had to empty the locker and clean all the plastic zip lock bags, and any parts not in plastic had to be cleaned sorted and again stored for future use. A port hole not tightly dogged down can ship a lot of salt water in heavy seas. Charlie has carried so many spare parts and so much "back up" equipment we have been able to fix almost everything while on the trip.

SEA GEM LOG: DOMINICA February 28-March 4, 2002

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When you find a place in the Paradise of the Caribbean that is not yet crowded with cruising boats there is a temptation to keep the news to yourself, hoping that it is not found before you get a chance to return for a longer visit.

SEA GEM LOG: March 7 - 11, 2002Guadeloupe and Iles de Saintes

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Our friends Carmen Dominguez and Jim Cooper joined us for some sailing, relaxation and gourmet dining. Carmen is a world class cook and even brought her own ingredients with her on the trip. Besides having the treat of Carmen cooking we also ate in some fine restaurants on Iles de Saints and Guadeloupe. I believe one of the finest restaurants I have ever experienced is on the island of Guadeloupe, The Palms, French of course.

SEA GEM LOG: March 22, 2002 Antigua-Barbuda

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Sailing in the Caribbean is such a pleasure. The distances are not great, the sun is warm, the water clear, and each island has its own special character. One of the most delightful anchorages is Antigua. English Harbor is a delightful anchorage. You can walk across the isthmus to Falmouth Harbor which is much larger and more commercial. The fort is a fine example of the efforts made by the rival colonial powers to hold on to their conquests. The old fort is in good shape and has been remodeled to hold restaurants, gift shops and other business establishments.


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Our friends Kyle and Steve Miller from Orlando joined us for a week. While they were with us, we visited Antigua, Barbuda, Nevis and St. Kitts (St. Christopher). One evening we went ashore for dinner and while strolling around in Charlestown we were referred to "UNELLA'S BY THE SEA" a restaurant on the second floor overlooking Charlestown Harbor in Nevis, W.I. That evening was memorable for several reasons: first we celebrated Charlie's birthday, second, the food, ambiance and waiter "ED" were excellent, and third we experienced the most beautiful and prolonged sunset we have ever seen.

SEA GEM LOG: March 24 - April 1, 2002. The Homeward Run.

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A granddaughter's eighth birthday is a strong magnet to pull grand parents toward home. Along with missing our family, we don't want to miss another of Caroline's birthdays. Charlie wants to get back to the office, as there are a lot of exciting things happening right now. We decided in Nevis, after the lobster sandwich, to cut our planned sail a month short and make a run for Man 'O War Cay in the Bahamas, 1000 miles distant. Although this is not technically home port, we have kept Sea Gem docked there so many seasons that every time we round the bend into Man 'O War Cay we feel like we are coming home. The plans now are to have Sea Gem hauled and have the bottom painted, a thru hull replaced and a few minor repairs. We will travel back to the boat as schedules permit and enjoy one of our favorite places on earth this summer. Then we will take Sea Gem back to her homeport of Titusville where we will begin doing some refitting after the very long and at times rough journey she has accomplished.

SEA GEM LOG: September 11, 2002. Bahamas to Titusville

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September 1, Vintage Airlines carried Saundra and I from Daytona to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas where we caught Aubrey's Ferry to Man-O-War Cay, Sea Gem's home for the last five months. There we had her bottom re-painted and other work done. Removing the Maxi-prop propellers, returning them to the manufacturer for reconditioning entails recording the exact pitch of these (automatically feathering propellers which reduce drag while under sail) and keeping track of which is the port and which the starboard prop for the purpose of reinstallation. We removed the worn out Spurs, which are the knives attached to each shaft just fore of the props. These cut lines and nets before they can wrap around the prop. These heavy-duty knives do a pretty good job but we had run over too many lines and nets during the last 16 years.

SEA GEM LOG: October 20, 2002 - The Trip is Over, Memories Last Forever

We are attempting to wind up the material for the web site. Going over logs and photos brings memories into a sharp focus again. These experiences will be part of things we learned and ways in which we grew as human beings.

SEA GEM LOG: October 21, 2002. Thanks from the Captain

To circumnavigate the world in a sailboat has been a lifelong dream. I want to express my thanks to the many people who helped make this dream a reality. My wife, Saundra, joins me in thanking everyone, however my biggest thanks goes to her, my First Mate and my Partner for almost 47 years for persevering over these last three years. My Partners at my law firm, Gray Harris & Robinson, PA, have been very supportive and, although I've been back in the office a total of thirteen months during this three year sailing odyssey, Tom Cloud, Fred Leonhardt, Stumpy Harris, Kent Hipp and other partners have not missed a beat servicing clients and filling in for me during my absence.

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